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We at Wooddream supply unique high-class group accommodation for you and your guests in our lovely villas.
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Events and Groups


Are you looking for a great place to accommodate a group of family or friends to celebrate a special occasion? You supply the party, and we at Wooddream supply unique high-class group accommodation for you and your guests in our villas. You can celebrate the event at your villa or use the versatile facilities of the Main house. Tell us about your plans and we will arrange an unforgettable event for you!

Seminars and Meetings

When you require a secluded and unique venue for a meeting or seminar, entertaining customers or employees, Wooddream offers a flexible and attractive space for your event. The Main house has a large and versatile meeting room seating up to 20-30 persons comforably. And of course after a successful event, we accommodate everyone who plans to stay the night in our lovely villas. Tell us about your needs and we will tailor a great seminar for you!

Group Accommodation Packages

Wooddream offers exceptional comfort, value and convenience for those looking for group accommodation in the Saimaa region. With a wide variety of room types in our villas, we can accommodate groups of all sizes at competitive rates. The Main house can be used for group get-togethers, joint meals, or various leisure activities for group members. In addition to the above, we offer tailored menus for group bookings, complimentary bus and car parking and complimentary WiFi.

We understand the needs of groups and teams, so you can rest assured that your stay will be relaxing and comfortable.  Our convenience to numerous attractions as well our Saimaa location makes us a popular choice for group bookings. Tell us about your group accommodation requirements and we will arrange a great stay for your group at Wooddream.


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