Wooddream has the following terms for making, amending and cancelling a booking.

Booking request

A booking request can be made on our website 24/7 by completing the online booking process. A manual booking form is available by email, if you prefer to make your booking off-line.
All booking requests will be confirmed by email as soon as possible at least within 24 hours. Please note that your booking is not confirmed until we have emailed the booking confirmation to you.
Once you have paid the deposit (or the full cost) of your booking, we will confirm your booking and send you the exact property address, contact details, information about how you will receive the keys on your arrival and directions to the property or the key collection point.
Bookings must be made a minimum of 3 working days in advance of the required rental period, unless otherwise has been agreed. However, if you are making and paying a booking by Euro bank transfer in a country other than Finland, a minimum of 5 working days applies.

Rental Price

The price includes self-catering accommodation, use of all furniture, bed linen, pillows, blankets and dishwasher liquid and tablets, washing powder, hand soap, spices, toilet paper and towels.
The final cleaning at the end of the rental period is not included.
We reserve the right to correct prices that have been mistakenly displayed or quoted.


Prices are displayed and quoted in Euros. Payments are accepted by debit and credit cards as well as bank transfer.
A deposit of 30% will be charged at the time of your booking and the remaining balance will be due 7 days prior to the first day of your rental period.
If you make a booking less than 7 days prior to the first day of your rental period or book a short break of less than 4 days, the full booking total will be charged at the time of your booking.
A small surcharge applies to all debit and credit card payments. The surcharge varies from 1% to 1.75% depending on the actual card used. All card options and surcharges associated with them are listed for your information at the time of your payment.

Bank transfer payments

We will email you an invoice that includes our bank account details when we confirm your booking.
A deposit of 30% must be paid to us within 3 days of your reservation and the remaining balance will be due 7 days prior to the first day of your rental period.
Short breaks of less than 4 days must be paid in full within 7 days of your reservation.
If you make a booking less than 7 days prior to the first day of your rental period, the full booking total must be transferred to us immediately.
All payments must reach us at least 2 banking days before the rental period is due to start, unless otherwise has been agreed.
If you fail to pay for your booking within the time limits set, we may subsequently cancel your booking without prior warning and are not liable for any loss or damage you may suffer as a consequence.

Arrival information

You must inform us of your estimated arrival time in good time and at least 2 days before your arrival. The exact arrival instructions to the property you have booked can be found in the booking confirmation which is emailed to you once we have received your deposit (or full payment).
If you will be arriving to Wooddream late in the evening, early morning, during the night or if your arrival is severely delayed for example due to bad weather or a flight delay or cancellation, you must inform us about your revised arrival time as soon as possible.
You will be responsible for the property keys during the rental period. If you lose the keys, Wooddream is entitled to charge you the cost of cutting new keys and/or new locks plus all other associated costs.

Not included in the villa rental

Your villa rental does not include flights, transfers or meals, cleaning at the end of your stay, unless otherwise stated in the villa description.
It is customary in Finland that guests clean the villa at the end of their stay to the same clean and tidy condition it was on arrival. If you don’t want to spend a few hours in the end of your stay cleaning the villa, you can order the cleaning to be done on your behalf for an additional charge.


Villas are always thoroughly cleaned between guests. On the last day of each rental period, either the guests themselves, or the Wooddream/local cleaning company (if you have ordered cleaning to be done on your behalf for an additional charge), will clean the villa ready for the next party to arrive.
The final cleaning includes vacuuming and wiping the floors, cleaning the toilet, sauna and shower room, wiping clean all work surfaces and tables, washing the dishes and placing them back to their own places, cleaning the cooker and the fridge, and taking the bins out. Bed linen needs to be removed from beds and placed on the floor. Ash from the fireplace needs to be taken out to the bin provided. All own food and drinks must be taken away.
Cleaning equipment and materials are provided in the villa.

Number of beds

The number of beds stated in villa descriptions indicates the max. number of people allowed to sleep in that villa at any one time. This number includes normal beds in bedrooms and extra beds such as sofa bed in the villa. The number of beds in bedrooms is shown at first, followed by the number of extra beds. If for example a villa is shown to have 4+2 beds, this means that there are 4 normal beds in bedrooms and 2 extra beds for example sofa-bed.
Please read villa descriptions carefully to ensure your preferred villa has suitable beds for your needs.


The check-in time is usually from 15.00 till 16.00 (4pm) and the check-out time is usually from 12.00 (noon) till 13.00.
If you need an earlier check-in or a later check-out time, this may be possible by the request given to the Wooddream. Such requests are unfortunately often not possible during the high season, summer time, Christmas and New Year, when villas are continuously booked and a thorough clean must be carried out between guests.


Smoking is strictly prohibited in all our villas by law. Smoking is allowed only on the villa terrace or outside in the garden. Cigarettes must be disposed carefully in outdoor bins or other specific dishes provided. Please do not litter the villa surrounds.
If you have smoked inside the villa, despite it being prohibited, you will be liable for additional cleaning charges, as stated in our booking conditions.


Pets are not allowed.

Standard of villas

All villas have electric heating, hot and cold running water from taps, indoor flushing toilets and electric lighting. The water from the taps is also suitable for drinking and cooking.

Access by public transport

Wooddream is located in secluded, naturally beautiful location, away from public transport routes. A car is therefore often essential or highly recommended.
If you must have access by public transport, you can use a taxi to get to the Wooddream or Wooddream may be able to offer transfers for an additional charge for example from the nearest bus or railway station/airport.

Traveling with young children

When you first arrive in a villa you have booked with young children, please check the safety in the villa and note potentially dangerous areas. Villas are located nearby water, so it is important to stay extra vigilant and not let the children to the shore without adult supervision.

Internet Access

Mobile phone reception is available throughout Finland, which means that internet access at villas are almost always possible using mobile phones or laptops/tablets with internet sim-cards or mobile internet sticks. Please check with your service provider before your holiday whether your mobile phone and/or possible internet devices will work in Finland.
Villas also offer wireless internet access.


Cancellations must be made in writing by email to info@wooddream.fi. Not paying for your booking is not an acceptable way of cancelling your reservation and your booking may not be automatically cancelled, if you fail to pay for your booking by the due date.
If you cancel your booking more than 6 days prior to the first day of your rental period, we will retain your deposit, or 30% of the full booking total if full payment has already been made and will refund the remainder.
If you cancel your booking 6 days or less prior to the first day of your rental period, we regret no refund is usually possible, unless we to re-let the same property and rental period to another party for the same or roughly equivalent price. If the property is re-let, we will retain your deposit, but will refund the remainder.
If you are forced to cancel at short notice because a close family member dies, falls seriously ill or has a serious accident, we will retain your deposit, or 30% of the booking total if full payment has already been made and will refund the remainder. The cancellation must be made and proof provided of the reason for cancellation (a doctor’s note or similar) at least 48 hrs before the rental period.
We advise you to purchase adequate holiday insurance to cover for any eventualities.

Cancelation right

We reserve the right to cancel your booking if you have failed to pay for your booking by the due date stated in your invoice or if you breach any other point in these booking conditions or if you cause nuisance or serious damage at the holiday property you have rented. If the cancellation is caused by your own actions, you will not be entitled to any refund or compensation.
We also reserve the right to cancel your booking due to a reason that could not have been foreseen or prevented (force majeure) and/or which is out of our control. This could be adverse weather conditions, floods, fire, property damage or a similar occurrence. We will refund the full cost of your booking but will not be liable for any other costs you may suffer as a consequence.

Law & Jurisdiction

Wooddream follows the relevant Finnish and EU laws in all its operations.
In case of disputes, all parties must aim to resolve them by negotiation. If satisfactory outcome is not reached this way, disputes will be resolved in the Finnish court. The Finnish law applies to the rental contract. Wooddream is registered in Finland as WD Lomakeskus OY under the registration number 2276757-9. These booking conditions have been checked most recently in May 2019.

Everyman’s Rights

In Finland, everyone has the right to freely roam the forests, countryside, lakes and rivers by foot, skis, boat or bicycle. Everyone can also pick as many wild berries and mushrooms as they like. This concept is called ‘Everyman’s Rights’.
There are a few rules though which you must bear in mind. Don’t harm plants, animals or property, don’t leave litter, don’t pick someone’s fruits, berries or vegetables without permission, don’t camp too near to someone’s house, don’t make too much noise and don’t disturb people’s privacy.